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I know you’ve been searching…

You crave a re-energization of your soul, to explore your soul’s path, and to live a life of fulfillment. Your heart aches to fully embody your soul’s wisdom, take inspired action, connect to your inner knowing and live life your way.  FREEDOM!!

But instead, you are exhausted from trying to do life the right way, struggling, pushing, and trying too hard to make things work. Feeling alone, invisible, undervalued, and knowing in your heart there is another way.


  • To live a life of flow and alignment
  • To be seen for who you truly are, your soul: your brilliance
  • To simplify life; embrace what’s important
  • Freedom to travel, and express your authentic self no matter where you stand
  • To create a global movement towards mutual respect for all sentient beings, ALL the While Allowing yourself to THRIVE financially
  • To connect to your tribe, those who GET you!


To know, deep in your bones, your purpose for being here, and to start living in the space of Miracles which your soul knows is totally possible.


  • You feel alone in this world-like you are the only one striving to live life on a deeper level.
  • You are struggling to gain traction into turning your desires into reality.
  • You keep spinning and re-creating the same events and circumstances over and over again.
  • You feel unworthy and lack faith and trust.
  • You are confused and don’t know why you don’t quite accept society’s ideals and expectations.

If you are feeling blocked from expanding to a life you love, wandering through life without a real plan, and clueless on how to uncover and repair your life so that is if deeply fulfilling.

Let’s stop settling for a ‘comfortable’ life, that is boring, and draining, but “safe”.  Let’s set you up to “Be Free, and Master your Frequency.”


You don’t have to keep trying to fit yourself into a world that you weren’t meant to fit into, you are here to create the New, so stop trying to contort yourself into something you’re not.

You don’t have to settle for a mediocre life when you know in your heart that it’s possible to live deeply gratifying, fulfilling and joyful life.


I have been there in your shoes.

I have felt alone, that I didn’t connect with others the way I craved on a deep soul knowing level. I knew that there had to be more to life than going to school, getting a job, getting married, having children…these are all great; I should be happy but I was still searching for deeper meaning.

I would lay awake at night longing to go home, a distant memory of a land that was incredibly loving, free and peace filled.

Then I had an awakening, I became sick with Lyme Disease for about 2 years and after doing an immense amount of energy work on myself I surrendered. How could I an energy Alchemist, get so sick?

I was tired of having to do things on my own, and in all this pushing and resistance I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t letting Source (God, Universe, Creator, whatever word you want to use) in.

I had known enlightenment on an intellectual level and had set my sights on that realization in this lifetime.

Then one day after months of deep purification, things began to get clear, my connection to Source stronger, and I realized that SOURCE truly wants us to be happy, that it does not want to punish and we actually punish ourselves because we think we deserve it. Because of un-forgiveness, because we feel unworthy of truly asking for what we want and need to thrive.

We are truly creators of our own reality.

I stepped into my soul purpose in a grander way, ushering in New Way of living on our Sacred Mother Earth and the more I step into this the more I am supported.  I used to think I had to make enough money, save enough…then I can do what I truly desire.  That I had to wait until just the right conditions to DO what I’m passionate about. But the TRUTH is – it is the other way around.

When we step into our power, our gifts, our unique soul blueprint, the universe expands to infinity to support this unfolding, and I can attest to that!

I have now implemented a dedicated spiritual practice of connecting to myself daily, even though I have 5 children and work! I feel freer than I have ever felt, I am doing life by my own design and I wake up each morning passionate and excited to start my day, whether it be filled with clients, working on creative projects, or hanging out with my family, feeling TOTALLY FULFILLED, aligned, and living in a space of miracles, every single day, even the tough days when shit is hitting the fan.

A family member introduced me to Andrea and her works.  Admittedly, I was never the ‘woo-woo’ type before but I was curious.  Upon entering Andrea’s session space, I sensed something shift, my eyes were just free flowing tears – something that hadn’t happened before.  The reading that Andrea did with me was beyond compare – I was deeply influenced by not only the amount of personal info she knew, but the breadth of details she knew that in no way anyone else could have known.  It was so impactful to me, this reading of hers, that to this day, as I travel the world, I continue my walk in the ‘woo-woo’ and am helping others to make their connections too.  Andrea’s ability to tap into Source, The Universe, God (whatever you are comfortable with) is powerful, authentic and true.  You will come away forever changed, and seeing life like you have never before.  I’m excited for you on this journey with her! 


I can help you turn a life of confusion, wandering, un-fulfillment and disappointment into one of satisfaction, connection to SOURCE, and Joy.

You won’t have to go through 15 years of training like I did, read every book on spiritual development, or go to all the spiritual trainings I went to, before learning how to really tune into my own internal GPS system, that has always been guiding me but I have developed a system to settle into HEARING and connecting to this wisdom daily.

“Andrea is truly one of a kind. Just to be in her presence is special. She is undeniably gifted and what it so amazing about her gift is the way she keeps her connection to the spirit world so genuine and pure. Andrea has a gentle strength that allows her clients to feel safe and supported throughout the entire session. Andrea is by far the most naturally gifted and divinely connected healer I have ever met.”

Andrea is such a beautiful, loving, nurturing human being, friend and soul. She has been a key player in my life and business, as my spiritual teacher and healer in guiding me to free myself of fears, karma patterns and energy blocks that no longer serve me. She has been able to help me rise up and elevate my vibrations, so that I can manifest my dreams, which is coming true as I write this. She is able to be a safe container for me, she has the ability to connect with the psychic world and support me as I process and transform in our sessions. Thank you andrea for all you have done and Continue to do for me- I would happily and highly recommend to work with Andrea for healing and spiritual guidance!

Andrea Nygren is one of the most incredible Shamanista healers that I have ever received energy work from. Within a matter of seconds, she removed an entity from my body that was causing me to feel shame and guilt about my past. As soon as she said she removed it, tears of joy streamed down my face. I felt lighter and more embodied, confident, and free!!! No more shame and guilt from my past and I am so grateful to her! Thank you, Andrea! I highly recommend her to anyone who needs energetic, emotional, or physical relief and repair!!

Maybe you’ve been taught that you need to look outside yourself for validation, for approval and support to tell you, you are on the right track.

Or, ‘get over it, stop feeling so much…”

You see we as a society have been taught to disregard our internal compass, or internal GPS system and this is the way our soul connects and communicates its wisdom with us.  We’ve been taught to push our feelings aside and deep down and just keep plowing ahead.

Is this the way you would treat your best friend?  We spend years in self-development, practicing yoga or some sort of spiritual practice learning to be whole, and yet, we approach our most important relationship with ourselves with putting ourselves last, sacrificing ourselves to help, pushing aside our internal feelings to get ahead.

But this Internal Guidance system only gets louder and more persistent and bring things into our life so we can once and for all heal any misconceptions we are holding not only at a personal level but soul level healing.

My PROMISE to you is to empower you to step up, to show up in the world more authentically AND share your unique gifts _ The world needs the REAL you and I’m here ready to support you 100%.

“Andrea has an incredible gift and a huge heart that goes along with it. Every time I have worked with Andrea I have left feeling clearer, calmer and with insights that have guided my life in ways I will always be grateful for.  I treasure every session I’ve had with Andrea and I’m sure you will too.”

Certified High Performance Coach

“Early on in my Spiritual journey I was guided to see Andrea for a Rainbow Energy Healing session. 

Not fully knowing what to expect I was immediately taken by her friendly and gentle approach, and by the lovely, peaceful location.

  I can honestly say, to this day, that the healing session I received remains one of the most profoundly moving experiences I’ve ever had.

Anyone receiving a service or healing from Andrea will be truly blessed.

K. Gillespie

“The last 5 weeks experience, was truly eye opening. My biggest take-away from this course was the knowledge, understanding and acceptance that everything I need is within me, that I am supported and guided- I just need to trust.  Andrea helped me connect to my own guidance and intuition and KNOWING and connect more deeply with those around me.

I have moved from a place of fear to a place of love, acceptance, and flow. She is such a magical being and I am so honored and grateful; to have found her.”

Natalie Pinnell, Scotland.

Virtual Assistant, Vida Virtual Support