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I specialize in working with awakened, New Earth souls -Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, and Golden children and adults.

  • I overcame serious health condition, Lyme Disease by connecting back to my roots – my Native wisdom, the SOURCE within and healed my relationship to Creator Source.
  • I am a mom to five New Earth children who have many of their extrasensory abilities awakened.
  • We live on 7 sacred acres with a spring fed pond, and we enjoy a deep connection to the land, nature and all sentient beings.
  • I went from teaching yoga to a masters in psychology program to my true passion; teaching and connecting with the subtle energy the unseen world.

My Passion is

  • Helping you open and expand your innate spiritual gifts, so you can connect with your inner wisdom.
  • To clear, align, and release old blockages, beliefs, traumas, that are in your energy field, so you can fully step up and into your soul’s purpose and start doing what you we meant to do.
  • Teaching you how to ground, clean, clear your own energy field, so you can maintain your frequency and start manifesting the new earth, here and NOW.

My Intention is to empower you….

  • Imagine waking up and tapping into your inner wisdom, knowing exactly what steps to take each day, how to clean, clear, and maintain your vibration, so that you are in the flow of life!
  • As an empathetic soul, I used to absorb all the energies around me. But now I have learned to master my frequency, I feel so good embodying my souls’ wisdom, being authentically me, and feeling totally free. I have been teaching intuition classes for over 4 years and know how to work with highly aware, and sensitive souls, New Earth Souls.

Calling all Healers, Yogis, Lightworkers, Seekers, Teachers, Shamans, Modern Mystics, & Wayshowers!

Are you ready to step up your game and set your soul path ablaze? Ready to RECLAIM your soul, space, energy, expression, power AND magic?

Honour your soul today and come into full alignment with your higher purpose in these deep learning courses!  Each course is designed for lightworkers of all kinds from across the world to have the RECLAMATION of their souls so that they can illuminate the world with the good works they are here to do!

Join us as we dive deeper into healing the deepest parts of ourselves: generational, ancestral, and in past lives;  all the places in us where our soul healings occur. We will together call upon the lost wisdoms, rituals and ceremonies of the ancients to remove major blocks that until now, you may not have even known were there, or if you did, that just refused to budge for you.