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MYSTIC LEVEL 3 Awakened Leadership

Take your pipe dream and move it into reality! Take the steps to actually ground your BRAND and Legacy into form!

question for you...

Are you ready to fulfill your life purpose and start creating your LEGACY, THRIVE FINANCIALLY, AND SERVE soul-aligned clientele?

Great, let’s get started!

You already KNOW that you have a vision for your life, but get caught up in self-doubt, sabotage and lack of support to get it DONE, AND DONE. Check!

You also KNOW that you are here to serve a large audience and create massive transformation in the world,  but you may be feeling overwhelmed and distracted by all the options and details, or feel utterly lost in the execution of it. 

It’s OK, I SEE YOU, I was there once myself and let me tell you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am here to help guide you through this part of your journey, I LOVE THIS STUFF.

You also KNOW that you need to be taking inspired ACTION, but you may be feeling stuck, overwhelmed and it isn’t getting DONE.

It’s OK, I SEE YOU, I was there once myself and let me tell you, YOU are NOT alone! I am here to help guide you to get your epic work out there.

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

if that sounds about right, then keep on reading.

You know you are hungry for a change because ...

… you feel uncomfortable with

the status quo but lack the

confidence or the step-by-step

process to execute your

vision into reality.

… you’re tired of shifting and

morphing yourself to fit the

current outdated models and


… you’re frustrated with

yourself because you know

what you want and what you

are capable of but something is

holding YOU back.

what's stopping you?

Can you imagine how it would feel, solid and rooted, when you are showing up in your POWER?!

It’s time to step up and own your royal nature, to build a legacy; tap into your creativity within and innovate the NEW status QUO based on TRUTH.

Imagine: being able to Launch Yourself, your BRAND, and what you stand for into the world so people know your service or product.

Imagine: doing your work AND creating new systems and structures that are life-affirming.

Imagine: awakening your leadership qualities, voice and visibility so you can take ACTION on the intuitive nudges you receive with confidence. 

Imagine: standing in your power, finding freedom, building a solid foundation for your epic work and create commUNITY, in order to REALLY CREATE A NEW EARTH.

this is the way.

Imagine how it would feel to...

… make the intangible,

TANGIBLE! To know your

mystical path, and know your

WHY and to know what you are

doing and do it


… show up as the Trailblazing 

LEADER you are, impact your

community and those you


… expand your money making

abilities according to your divine


Copy of Harper - Tall Vertical

You are a New Earth Visionary and it is time to start your work, I am here to help you expand your reach and ground your vision.



A 6 month course where you’ll connect with your big WHY, unleash your creativity, create your BRAND, and create your course, product or offering.

read up.

The results speak for themselves...

“My spiritual awakening occurred around 8 years ago, when I uncovered that I had seen spirits as a child, and shut off that “trauma”  – thanks to my friend Andrea Moyah, who became my first healer and psychic teacher to help me become more BRAVE to open up my intuitive powers. “

courtney wren-mabbutt

“This powerful woman was my friend who helped me start my ascension journey – she helped me remember myself and woke me up to my intuition in a spiritual way. Forever grateful to you love!”

rosalyn fung

Ready to change your life & business?

let's dig into the details

Here's how it all shakes out...

month 1 & 2 - Business, Legacy, Vision Development

Creating a Solid Foundation

Module 1: Connect to your legacy, what you are creating that will serve not only now, but the future of humanity.  Mission and vision development.

Module 2:  Brand Development, symbol, images, colours to energize your legacy and brand onto form. Download your personal symbol, and learn Energy Alchemy Basics.

Module 3:  Connect to your TRIBE, on a soul level so they come to you, see you and connect, get on mission and vision, logo envisioning and energize it so it has impact.

Module 4:  Start creating your authentic soul aligned visuals for your BRAND. Hiring the right logo designer, brand guide expert, etc for your vision. & 3

Month 3- The Technical Side of Things

Level Up & Expand

Module 5:  Which social media platforms do I show up on to optimize my time & energy, tap into your intuition to guide when, where & what to share for the most impact. Crafting professional & inspired posts.

Module 6:   Time for FUN, creating the write up for a landing page.

Module 7:  Creating your first group course, from your soul wisdom and landing page. Time to get out there.

Module 8:  Clixli, host your first group course so you essentially clone yourself, move from 1-1 sessions to group offerings.

Month 4 & 5- Visibility, be seen

Creating, CommUNITY and Results

Module 9:  Awaken the WEALTHY MYSTIC, experience a Sacred Ceremony.

Module 10:  Canva essentials to creating graphics for your social media and online presence. 

Module 11:  Create a funnel in Clixli, an easy to use, affordable all in one platform. 

Module 12:  Energize Your Message and Launch your course or soul aligned offering. Share and execute your free offering.

Month 6 - Receive & FLourish

Mentorship Month

Module 13: Create your email series to support your participants in your free offering and into your paid group course. 

Module 14:  Make sure all is set to offer your first structured, professionally delivered group offering.

Module 15: I’m FREE Celebrate I did IT!!!

Module 16: Collaboration, Connection & Joint Ventures. 

and don't forget about the bonuses

You're also going to get access to:

Legacy Guidebook: Creating your Legacy and Brand

A beautiful guidebook to print and use throughout the course to keep your notes together
Value = $2,000

Connect with Experts in the Field:

Tracey - Spiritual Marketing, Tash - Creative Director, Kasey & Dash - YouTube client and THE expert. Value = $4500

Individual Access:
Connect Directly with Me as I Channel the Divine

Gain specific insight into your Divine Life Mission, Legacy and Channel what you need to know Value = $6,500

Ready to snag over $13,000 in bonuses?

let's wrap it all up

Here's what you get when you join.

Instant access to the Mystic Level 3

(value = $8,000)

 Lifetime Updates

(value = $1000

Mystic Level 1

(value = $1600)

Bonus #1

Legacy Guidebook: Creating your Legacy and Brand 

(value = $2,000)

Bonus #2

Connect with Experts in the Field.

(value = $2,500)

Bonus #3

Individual Access: Connect Directly with Me as I Channel the Divine

(value = $6,500)

When you add that all up, it comes out to a value of <$22,000>

but you can enroll today for a special investment of $6, 000.



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Hey there, I'm Andrea.

A Mom-Next-Door Intuitive who is a Teacher’s Teacher to Mystics around the world. Growing up, connected to my Indigenous Roots and the Sacred Hoop (ALL is Connected), frequenting Shamans and medicine women to heal was MY NORMAL.

I have been working as an Indigenous Healer since 2010. Finally, after years of juggling being a mom of 5 and pursuing my passion working as an Indigenous Intuitive Healer; in 2016 I dove into creating an online presence.

Through that creation, I have been learning the backend of what it takes to create a BRAND and CREATE content that people long for and need. Fast forward 5 years, I have learned a lot about what not to waste time and energy on and how to connect to creative energy to create a sustainable, ease-filled joyful business’, while enjoying my favourite part of my life – FAMILY (which is my most sacred space)! 

I love to teach others how to build a business based on and around their most precious non-negotiable values. I am also passionate about leaving the world a better, more enlightened place with more joy, more connection, more commUNITY, even in these crazy times of unpredictability.

I believe this is the time to tune within and create entirely new structures as the old outdated systems dissolve. This is our opportunity and NOW is OUR TIME, way-showers, trailblazers, let’s do this together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Access the content on the class portal easily accessible even via TalentLMS APP which can be downloaded.

Choose either Sunday 2:30-3:30 PM EST or Thursday 6-7:30pm EST

All lives are recorded to listen to in your own time

In this 16 week course, which begins May 30, 2021, you will complete weekly learning and assignments independently. Please allocate 6-8 hours a week of personal development, watching content, and being creative dedicated to this course for optimal results.

Every Sunday we will meet as a group to continue the learning and discuss your soul-aligned business blueprint together. 

In month 4 you can schedule an hour and  a half session to present your complete plan and discuss, tweak.

No questions, I'm ready for this!

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